Update for August 8th 2015

I have installed a more robust ordering system that is going to allow me to offer many more features to you!

As always I am available for questions. Just click on the Contact Us button above to get a hold of me.

Additional Note: As of late my list is in very high demand! I have had some high profile Internet Marketers recommend my traffic based solely on performance which has caused a surge of orders.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you plan out your solos ahead of time as spots are going quickly.



Stop wasting your money on garbage solo ad services. Every day thousands of people buy solo ads from providers with lists filled with fluff and puffers that produce little no results by sending ads to undesirable countries, unengaged readers, bogus email addresses and even auto-clicking bots built to make you think your solo ad was read.

Now, imagine if you had a famous professional spokeswoman with thousands of hungry raving fans ready to help you explode your sales, build your mailing list and attract new targeted customers to your products, solutions and services?


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Heather Alessandra said “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” and built the worlds only solo ad service with over 60,000 loyal followers of Heather that not only click thru to your funnel they convert, because Heather is sending them each daily multimedia emails that inspire, captivate and command her army of loyal online entrepreneurs to click on the offers she features and sign up.

About Heather’s Army:

  • Over 60,000 strong with an average of 200 new opt-ins per dayFunnel
  • Aspiring Internet Marketers and online business owners who want to do nothing but Make Money Online.
    • Each prospect has a 2 way communication line with Heather herself building strong personal relationships that give Heather higher then average CTR’s and astronomical conversion rates for her customers.
    • Recipients that are loyal, engaged and motivated to try your product because of the personal relationship they have with your new spokeswoman Heather Alessandra.

    About Heather’s Solo Ads:

      • 70% US, CA, GB, AU, NZ and IE traffic – YES 70% Guaranteed!!


    • Each ad featuring personal content, pictures or video from Heather Alessandra that motivates the army to take action
    • Premium traffic that fits any budget
    • A list that is well managed, responsive and not beaten to death
    • Full third party click verification and tracking
    • 48 hour average full click fulfillment
    • First Class customer support